“Human beings were miraculous indeed – conscious creators, walking this new world like fresh young gods, wielding immense alchemical powers.”
– Kim Stanley Robinson


Welcome to Ireland’s most magical Summer Solstice Celebration…


From 22 – 24 June 2018 at Ballinlough Castle, Co. Westmeath you are invited to shed your weekday skin and transform for a weekend of spellbinding performances, immersive art installations, mind-expanding workshops, thought-provoking discussions, glittering woodland discos, soothing wood-fired hot tubs and unparalleled gastronomic experiences. To name but a few.

Heading into its ninth year, Body&Soul has transformed from a back garden gathering to a bustling village of arts and music that exists for just a few short days each year in the wild Irish countryside. Taking all the energy and power from the longest day of the year, our Body&Soulers bring their most magnificent selves to the table, coming with open minds and ears, looking to connect, reconnect and dance their socks off.



The Body&Soul pack is made up of some of Ireland’s most exciting creative collectives, with collaborators from across the globe contributing to a creative melting pot that shapeshifts each year to bring new surprises and unexpected corners to the stunning grounds of Ballinlough Castle. It was born out of a desire to celebrate life in all shapes, colours and persuasions and the Summer Solstice weekend – a time when the boundaries between our worlds mingle and meld – seemed like the perfect occasion.

2018’s theme is Alchemy – the art and act of transformation. We believe that every person that joins us in celebration has the power to positively affect the lives of others and transform the world they live in year round. Simple acts of kindness, new viewpoints and discussions, a scintillating conversation or an inspiringly bonkers outfit – we’ve seen great stories evolve out of moments shared over those three days and nights. We invite everyone to interpret what Alchemy means to you, be it through your mindset, your energy, your costume or your ideas. Be the change you want to see.